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Court Services

The Court Services Division is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of the Fulton County Justice Center Complex, the Juvenile Justice Center (JCC), operating and securing the jail courtrooms, and providing security for the North and South Service Centers. Deputies and staff assigned to this Division are continuously working to keep persons who visit and work in the facilities safe. A key tool is the comprehensive security plan which provides the framework for the safe, effective operation of the Justice Center Complex.

This Division has three core objectives:

  • Be responsive to the daily needs in all courtroom sessions for Superior, State, Probate, Extradition, and Domestic Legal Services Court as well as twice weekly Grand Jury Sessions.
  • Identify and deter the entry of contraband and/or illegal objects by screening all incoming visitors and employees via search and visual observation magnetometers, hand-held detectors and/or package scanners.
  • Maintain a zero escape rate while transporting inmates and juveniles safely and securely to various courts and detention areas.

Outstanding achievements for the year

Enhanced the physical security of the facility by the following:

  • Added Ballistic Defense Shields for JCB and Juvenile Court Facility
  • Conducted Active Shooter and Bomb Threat Awareness seminar for civilian employees of the Justice Center Complex
  • Completed annual security assessments of JCC, Juvenile Court, North and South Service Centers
  • Screened without incident 1,010,146 persons entering the JCC
  • Confiscated 1,970 items of contraband – Most important: 10 guns; 742 knives; 349 scissors; 77 screwdrivers; 179 canisters of pepper spray; 356 metal forks; etc. 
  • Safely handled 20,194 inmates for court appearances
  • Held divisional training workshop on Transgender Non-discrimination and ADA Program Access and Evacuation, conducted by Fulton County Office of Diversity and Civil Rights Compliance