Juvenile Court Program Volunteers

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Program Volunteers

Juvenile Court Program Volunteers

Fulton County Juvenile Court welcomes volunteers interested in contributing their time to help support Court programs and activities. Providing engagement opportunities for the community, partners and local stakeholders is an important part of the Court’s mission. Below are some of the Juvenile Court programs that are accepting volunteers. Keep in mind an application must be filled out. Interested interns may also fill out an application.

Citizen Review Panel

  • The program utilizes volunteers and staff to review dependency cases and to ensure all case plans are appropriate for the family’s needs.

Choices: Juvenile Drug Court Program

  • Choices is a highly structured, non-adversarial accountability and intervention program, targeting court-involved youth who use alcohol and other drugs.

Community Restorative Boards

  • Exercises a prevention strategy to divert first-time non-violent minor offenders from the formal court process. Sworn citizen volunteers sit on seven Restorative Boards that serve five Atlanta neighborhoods and North and South Fulton County.

S.M.A.R.T. Moves Chess

  • S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for Science, Math, Arts, Reading and Technology. A unique group of sheriff’s deputies, probation officers, attorneys, college students and parents help provide homework assistance, and tutoring for groups of students from Fulton County and Atlanta Public Schools.

The Learning Club

  • The Learning Club is an educational program that serves students within the court system ages 11-17-years-old who have been charged with misdemeanors.