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UPDATE on the outbreak of canine influenza (updated 12/26/2022)

A highly contagious strain of dog flu has been spreading in several U.S. cities, and dogs at Fulton County Animal Services have now tested positive for the canine influenza virus. Because the virus may be circulating in the Atlanta area, pet owners should monitor their own dogs for symptoms, which may include coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, labored breathing, and lethargy.

The canine influenza virus spreads just like the human flu, through respiratory droplets that can be passed along when dogs sniff, sneeze on, or lick another dog. People who take their dogs to dog parks, boarding, and day care should monitor their pets closely. The illness typically takes seven to 10 days to run its course but symptoms may last as long as three weeks.
More information found here on the CDC page.

Fulton County Animal Services has initiated quarantine procedures and will be working with the Georgia Department of Agriculture to determine next steps. The shelter will be closed to the public through December 26 when we will re-evaluate the status. Fulton County Animal Service Officers will continue to respond to all calls for service. Each call will be evaluated and prioritized based on the severity of the call. If you find a healthy pet in Fulton County, please visit our Found Pets page to find out what to do first.

Fulton County Animal Services include operation of an animal shelter for homeless animals, pet adoption services, and enforcement of the animal control laws.

Fulton County contracts with LifeLine Animal Project to provide these services on behalf of Fulton County and our cities. Fulton County Animal Services is managed by the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency.

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