Property Taxes

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Property Taxes

The Fulton County Tax Commissioner is responsible for collecting property taxes on behalf of Fulton County Government, two school systems, and some city governments. 

The Tax Commissioner takes the appraised value and the exemption status provided by the Board of Tax Assessors, along with the millage rates set by the Board of Commissioners and other Governing Authorities, to calculate taxes for each property, and mails bills to owners at the addresses provided by the Board of Tax Assessors. 

From the Tax Commissioner's website, property owners can find out the property taxes for their property or properties in two ways:

  1. Search For a Tax Bill - This feature allows you to search for a tax bill or bills using a complete or partial parcel ID, account number, or physical address.
  2. Tax Summary request for multiple parcels - If you know the complete parcel IDs of the properties you are looking for, this feature provides an efficient way of looking up your Tax Bills and Detailed Tax Summaries.

In addition, you can make a payment via credit/debit card or e-check on your property using this system.

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