Bob Ellis

Bob Ellis

District 2 Term: Jan. 01, 2021 until Dec. 31, 2024 LATEST NEWS RELEASE - Scroll down for past newsletters

bob ellis is the fulton county commissioner representing district 2

Bob Ellis is the Commissioner for District 2, which encompasses Milton, Mountain Park, and large parts of Alpharetta, Roswell, and Sandy Springs.

Elected to office in November of 2014, Bob began his term the following January and serves as Executive Sponsor for Fulton County’s Strategic Priority “All People Trust Government is Efficient, Effective and Fiscally Sound.”

Bob has served as the as Vice Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners from 2017 to 2019. He is the Chairman of the County’s Audit Committee, a board member of the Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority, the Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission, the Fulton County Employees Retirement System, and also serves on the Advisory Board of WellStar North Fulton Hospital.

On a professional level, Bob is a National Product Leader for CNA Financial Corporation, a leading property, and casualty insurance company. During his twenty-five plus year career in the insurance industry, he has held a variety of underwriting, management, and leadership roles. Bob has extensive expertise in providing risk management services and insurance protection to companies and senior management.

As the leader of Fulton’s strategic priority to ensure government is efficient and effective, Bob has been a champion for transparency, rebuilding and strengthening Fulton County infrastructure, improving personnel and purchasing procedures, strengthening County management, and championing a culture of excellent customer service. Bob has also been a leader in seeking to reform Fulton County’s property tax system, has been a strong voice for improving the County’s delivery of Behavioral Health and Public Health services, and has advanced actionable steps to end the county’s opioid epidemic and to fight sex trafficking.

Bob is a native of Commerce, GA, graduated with highest honors from the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business, and is a long-time resident of North Fulton County. Bob and his wife Jennifer have three children and reside in Milton.

Bob is an active long-term member of Northbrook United Methodist Church in Roswell, GA where he has served in numerous leadership roles and teaches Sunday school.


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