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Senior Transportation


The Uber/Lyft program provides transportation to eligible Fulton County seniors who are 60 years old and above. If you are eligible, you will pay a one-time registration fee in the amount of $15. Seniors must have a credit card, debit card, or prepaid debit card on file to pay a $1 per ride charge. This charge is billed monthly. Participants may have no more than 16 rides per month with mileage limits of 15 miles for medical appointments and 10 miles for other trips (shopping, banking, social activities, etc.). Participants may take only one round-trip per day.


The Transdev service offers shared-ride transportation services to Fulton County seniors who are 60-years-old and above through a Coordinated Transportation System. The service provides access to non-emergency medical services, neighborhood senior centers, adult daycare centers, and Fulton County Behavioral Health Training Centers. This service is provided in accordance with Title III- B of the Older Americans Act -Supportive Services. All requests are based on the level of self-sufficiency.