CEOs of Tomorrow Youth Conference

Hosted by Commissioner Natalie Hall, District 4, and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners

Fulton County District 4 Commissioner Natalie Hall will host her annual C.E.O.s (Careers-Entrepreneurship-Opportunities) of Tomorrow Youth Conference at the Loudermilk Center, 40 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, on Friday, October 27, 2023. 

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C.E.O.s of tomorrow youth conference

Commissioner, Keynote and Moderators

C.E.O.s of tomorrow youth conference


Dr. Ciara Elle

Mental and Behavioral Health Expert
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Ciara Elle' is a highly experienced mental and behavioral health expert with a remarkable 18-year career in helping both youth and adults.
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Olivia Maxwell

Executive Director, On the Rise Community Development, Inc.
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Olivia D.A. Maxwell proudly serves as the Executive Director of On the Rise Community Development Inc., a flourishing financial education and coaching empowerment center providing invaluable resources, coaching, workshops and opportunities to people from all walks of life.
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Keith Strickland

Motivational Speaker
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I almost ruined my entire life before I had a clue what life was about or what I had the potential to be. I grew up in a community where I saw more homeless people and hustlers than dual parent households and professional adults. After years of overwhelming influence, I started to think the illegal activity I saw daily was normal.
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Zak Wallace

Founder, Local Green
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Music songwriter & restaurateur Zak Wallace is a culture curator whose work and impact span cities and communities across the U.S. Aimed at living a life deeply rooted in impact, in 2017 Zak founded Local Green Atlanta, a fast-casual eatery with a mission rooted in equity, access, and public health.
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C.E.O.s of tomorrow youth conference

Workshop Presenters

Jeremiah Long

Co-Founder, Wedge and AI For Kids dot App
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Jeremiah Long is an Atlanta based developer, artist, futurist, and data driven creative entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in computer science, and media production. Co-Founder of Wedge and AI For Kids dot App.
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Lydia Popoola

Court Program Administrator, Fulton County Juvenile Court
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Lydia Toomer Popoola is a native Atlantan serving the Fulton County Juvenile Court as a Court Program Administrator in the Programming and Grants Division.
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Michelle Vialet

Program Manager, WorkSource Fulton
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Michelle Vialet has over twenty years of experience serving the residents of Fulton County, Georgia. As the Program Manager for WorkSource Fulton, she is responsible for the Program Design and Administration of County Youth General Fund dollars and Youth WIOA funds.
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C.E.O.S of tomorrow youth conference


Millionaire Blueprint

Join us for an engaging workshop that will equip students with the knowledge and skills to embark on the journey to financial success. This workshop delves into the essential aspects of wealth-building, focusing on key topics such as smart saving, effective budgeting, stock market investment, exploring real estate through REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), nurturing a strong credit score, and the entrepreneurial mindset. Discover the secrets to becoming a future millionaire and start your path to financial freedom today!

Workshop presenter: Dr. Marlon "Doc" Fuller

Download the Millionaire Blueprint presentation.

Creative Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Delve into the captivating realm of artificial intelligence and its role in the creative careers like art, graphic design, content creation, and robotics. This workshop explores the entrepreneurial opportunities for those with AI skills. Explore hands-on AI art creation tools, understand pivotal concepts like data justice, and envision career pathways that AI innovations promise to unfold.

Workshop presenter: Jeremiah Long

Download Creative Careers in Artificial Intelligence presentation

Teens and the Law- Recognizing Situations that Can Derail Future Success

This workshop will discuss the intersection of social media and the potential effects on careers, entrepreneurship, and opportunity.  The conversation with allow representatives from their respective law enforcement agencies to briefly discuss the concept of a digital footprint through the lens of their respective agency.

Workshop presenters: Lydia Toomer Popoola, Chief Ronald Applin, Andrea Alabi, Capt. Ravoris Latimore, Lt. Maureen Smith, Aakeem Woodward, Jawara Mars, Keith Lamar , Jr.

Download the Teens and the Law: Recognizing Situations That Can Derail Future Success presentation.

Exploring Atlanta's Exciting Careers

Students will learn about Atlanta’s key industries directly from the experts that work in the field today. Included in the session will be access to a career assessment to help students understand how their strengths and interests can grow into one of these growing and in-demand fields.

Workshop Presenters: Michelle Vialet, John McQueen, Bryson Barnes, Veda White, Edward Laborde

Download Exploring Atlanta's Exciting Careers presentation.