Fulton County Recognizes Seniors in Honor of Older Americans Month

Fulton County Recognizes Seniors in Honor of Older Americans Month

April 23, 2024
The Fulton County Board of Commissioners will proclaim May as Older Americans Month during its May 1, 2024, meeting as part of a yearly tradition of honoring the value and contributions of older Americans living in communities across the United States.

Fulton County Commissioners recognize Older Americans Month (OAM) each May and will continue the tradition this year by emphasizing the 2024 national theme of “Powered by Connection”. This theme recognizes the profound impact that meaningful relationships and social connections have on our health and well-being. Click here to view the list of OAM events.

“Older Americans Month is a wonderful opportunity for Fulton County to honor older adults and their contributions to the community,” said Dr. Pamela Roshell, Fulton County Chief Operating Officer for Health, Human Services and Public Works. “The Fulton County Department of Senior Services will continue to promote healthy thinking regarding aging — and how we all benefit when seniors remain actively engaged, connected, and included.”

As OAM kicks off on Wednesday May 1, 2024, the Fulton County Department of Senior Services will host a series of events and virtual programs throughout the County that will showcase the talents of older adults and encourage community engagement.

Fulton County will offer in-person and virtual experiences with celebratory events ranging from art exhibits to health fairs. Highlights of upcoming activities include an Annual Artist Walk, Field Day Games, and a T65 Day Party, which allows seniors to learn about different fitness programs and healthy living options while engaging in physical activities. Other OAM offerings include Movie Night, Connection Café, Mother’s Day celebrations, and activities that promote mental and physical wellness.

“Older Americans Month is an exciting time each year to celebrate our seniors in a big way,” stated Ladisa Onyiliogwu, Director. “This May, we will continue to offer both in-person and virtual events. Connecting with seniors, caregivers, and community members is vital to our well-being and helps our County thrive. ‘Powered by Connection’ is the perfect theme for this year’s event, and we invite you to join us.”

Fulton County focuses efforts and resources to achieve tangible outcomes for older Americans and recognizes the value of the Older Americans Act, the Administration on Aging and the continued need to shape policies that inspire, influence, and enrich individuals of all ages and future generations. For more information about ongoing programs and services for seniors, as well as Older Americans Month events, please contact the STARline at 404-613-6000 or email seniorservices@fultoncountyga.gov.