Fulton County Board of Commissioners Approves 1 Million in Funding for Youth Homeless Programs

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Fulton County Board of Commissioners Approves 1 million in Funding for Youth Homeless Programs

October 04, 2023
Fulton County will partner with more than a dozen organizations to fight youth homelessness. The Commissioners unanimously approved to award $1 million in funding through its Youth Homeless Program (YHP).

The 16 non-profits to receive the Fulton County Youth Homelessness Program (YHP) 2023 Funding Awards include:

Aniz, Inc.
HAYA Project (Healing Atlanta's Young Adults)
City of Refuge, Incorporated
City of Refuge Comprehensive Youth Homelessness Program
Covenant House Georgia, Inc.
Supportive Solutions for Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Facts to Thrive, Inc.
Doing Our Responsibility to House Adolescence (DORTHA)
Favor House, Inc
Favor for Youth
Feeding GA Families Incorporated
End Youth Homelessness
Generation Infocus Foundation
GIF - 'Holistic Transitional Housing Program for Youth'
Georgia Center for Youth Excellence
Safe House II Project
Georgia Parent Support Network, Inc.
GPSN's Street Outreach Program for Homeless Youth
Positive Transition Services, Inc.
Stepping Stones Initiative
Poverty 2 Prosperity PS Inc
SafeHouse Outreach
2023 Safehouse Outreach Youth Homelessness Services
SKIP Georgia Chapter Inc.
SKIP GA Bridges to Stability Empowering & Educating Homeless Youth for Change
Stand Up for Kids Atlanta
StandUp for Kids Atlanta - Homelessness Youth Program
U Hope CDC, Inc.
U Hope Youth Emergency Program
Youth Empowerment Success Services
 Youth Empowerment Success Services Inc. (YESS) Youth Homeless Rental Assistance Program

“The partners receiving the YHP 2023 funding have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to combating what we all know to be a serious issue among our youth,” said Chief Operating Officer Health, Human Services and Public Works Dr. Pamela Roshell. “It is vital that Fulton County and its partners work together to provide solutions on how best to serve the unique and special needs of youth experiencing homelessness. “I am confident that the funding provided will assist with supporting programs and services that meet the needs of those

“Fulton County continues to make an impact in the community by providing help to youth who are experiencing homeless,” said Stan Wilson, Director, Department of Community Development. “The financial support from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners will support initiatives and programs that can assist youth service providers prevent and end youth homelessness.”