BOC Passes Resolution Supporting Small Farm and Urban Agriculture

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The Fulton County Board of Commission Passes Resolution Supporting Small Farm and Urban Agriculture

December 03, 2021
The resolution encourages the 15 cities within Fulton County to also support the development of local food options.
The Fulton County Board of Commissioners has adopted a plan designed to promote and educate residents about local food options such as small farming and community garden programs. Last month, the BOC passed a resolution that reinforces the goals established in the county’s 2019 Sustainability and Resilience Plan. 

Fulton County will collaborate with the Citizens Commission on the Environment (FCCCE) and regional agencies in seeking and establishing affordable, healthy food options within five miles of every resident. Adoption of the plan acknowledges the feedback from constituents who have referenced “more organic food” choices and communities with “clean air and water” as indicators of successfully addressing environment and health concerns in Fulton County.

“Expanding organic urban farming will be critical in growing and selling locally produced products, which furthers equitable access to healthy, affordable food options for all county residents,” said Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts.

Under the plan, the Board of Commissioners advocate for the promotion and education of residents about local farming programs and community gardening programs as well as the promotion of food self-sufficiency and food security for residents through local partnerships and educational programs.

Through urban farming and working with local organizations to increase the number of community gardens, Fulton County residents and businesses can access seasonal foods grown closer to home that support the local economy. A successful key to this endeavor also includes  researching and mapping the locations of healthy local food options and their proximity to residents
“The intent is to improve local food supplies and to support underserved areas to mitigate the very real problem of food insecurity is vital,” said Co-Chair of the FCCCE Urban Ag Committee and Urban Agriculture expert Rashid Nuri. “By identifying land which can be acquired to grow food, promoting local food production through small farms and urban agriculture we will improve the quality of food for the residents of this county.” 
“This commitment will go a long way to providing nutrition with locally grown food and contributing to an overall healthier urban environment,” said FCCCE Chair and the other Co-Chair of the Urban Ag Committee Chris Lemons.