Fulton County Public Works Releases 2021 Consumer Confidence Report From the River to the Tap

Fulton County Public Works Releases 2021 Consumer Confidence Report: From the River to the Tap

June 17, 2021
Residents will be able to access the water quality report via the Fulton County Website.

As of June 1, Fulton County residents now have access to the 2021 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The Annual Report, which outlines the quality of water from the river to the tap, can be viewed on the Fulton County website at https://www.fultoncountyga.gov/inside-fulton-county/fulton-county-departments/public-works/water-quality. Residents may also request a copy from the Department of Public Works by calling 404-612-7400.

The source of drinking water for the North Fulton water system comes from the protected watersheds in the Chattahoochee River basin, which is closely monitored by the State of Georgia, Fulton County and several environmental groups. The North Fulton water system services residents in the cities of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and Roswell. The water supply is processed at the award-winning Tom Lowe Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant, which celebrated 30 years of award winning water on May 15, 2021.

“I am pleased to share with you this year’s annual water quality report with you. Across the country, concerns about the safety of public water supplies are at an all-time high. But here at Fulton County, the resilience and integrity of our drinking water is a top priority and we work to stay ahead of emerging issues,” said Public Works Director David E. Clark, P.E. “I hope this report answers the questions you may have about the quality of your drinking water, and helps you better understand the care and commitment that goes into delivering some of the best water in Georgia.”

Document Highlights:

  • From River to Tap: Our Water Treatment Process
  • Changes in your water supply
  • Water Conservation: It starts with you
  • Those Wipes Clog Pipes
  • Keep It Clean Georgia