Workers at Fulton Election Warehouse Test Positive for COVID-19

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Workers at Fulton Election Warehouse Test Positive for COVID-19

October 15, 2020
Safety of residents and employees remains Fulton County’s highest priority as recent data shows an increase in COVID-19 cases.

The Department of Registration & Elections has reported that 13 of 60 employees within the Fulton County Election Preparation Center have tested positive for COVID-19. After two initial employee cases were reported earlier this week, all warehouse staff were tested and an additional 11 cases were identified.


The Department of Registration & Elections is coordinating with the Fulton County Board of Health and Department of Real Estate and Asset Management to implement stronger mitigation efforts and ongoing monitoring. Daily rapid testing will be implemented for all employees at the time they report to work. Additional staff are being recruited to continue warehouse operations.


The warehouse has been treated with a germicidal barrier. Additional ventilation and proactive environmental measure have been installed. Alternate work space is being identified to allow operations to continue with greater social distancing.


None of the affected workers affected have contact with voters. At this time, no COVID-19 cases have been reported among workers at early voting sites. All poll workers are required to wear masks, and hand sanitizer is provided for all election workers and the public. 


Fulton County is continuing to explore and prepare for every possible contingency to ensure successful elections operations through the Early Voting period and on Election Day.