Fulton County Arts & Culture Opens Call for Digital Art

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Fulton County Arts & Culture Opens Call for Digital Art

April 01, 2020
Support for the artistic community during COVID-19

The Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture Public Art Program launches a Digital Art Acquisition Initiative in response to public health pandemic and its impact on the artistic community.  Artists may submit up to three digital works for consideration no more than $1,000 in value. Application deadline closes April 20.

“Strengthening the cultural health of individuals, organizations and communities by providing needed arts related resources is an important function of our agency” says Lionell Thomas, Director, Fulton County Arts and Culture. “We are working diligently to provide economic support to artists and provide opportunities for creative engagement for the residents of Fulton County during this very critical time.”

Artists may submit up to three digital works for consideration. Digital artwork includes all digital forms of visual artwork e.g. photography, algorithmic art, 2D and 3D computer graphic artwork, digital illustration, generative art, and digital prints of physical artwork.
Acquiring the digital artwork grants Fulton County the ability to print one copy of the piece and the artist may provide specifications for paper type, matting and framing.

The content of the artwork should be appropriate for public facing spaces. The call is only open to Georgia-based artists, and preference will be placed on supporting Fulton County based-artists. More information can be found on Fulton County Arts and Culture. or click here to be forwarded directly to the application.
                                         Public Art Master Plan

Fulton County Arts and Culture is updating the Public Art Master Plan. Community opinion is a critical part of the planning process. Fulton County residents and Georgia-based artists are encouraged to provide feedback and share the survey to help plan the future of Public Art in Fulton County.