Multi-Million Dollar Rogers Bridge Partnership Approved

Intergovernmental Agreement

Multi-Million Dollar Rogers Bridge Partnership Approved

December 05, 2019
Rogers Bridge Project Partnership Approved
The Fulton County Board of Commissioners (BOC) approved the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the City of Duluth, the City of Johns Creek, Fulton County, and Gwinnett County on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. The IGA will allow the four entities to collaborate on the new Rogers Bridge Project. District 1 Commissioner Liz Hausmann believes the project is vital to improving connectivity to public spaces.

“Fulton County and all of the communities involved truly value the Chattahoochee River as one of our most important outdoor recreational assets,” said Hausmann. “This partnership will provide much needed connectivity to our beautiful river, and make our riverlands more accessible to our citizens.”

David Clark, Director of the Fulton County Department of Public Works says the bridge will span over the Chattahoochee River and serve as a connection to the recreational venues featured within each area.

“Once completed, the new bridge will link the cities and counties enabling each of the entities to provide greater access to public spaces and parks along the Chattahoochee River,” said Clark.

Construction of the bridge will assist in rehabilitating, supplementing, and increasing bicycle and pedestrian traffic to Rogers Bridge Park in Duluth and the future Cauley Creek Park in Johns Creek. 

The project will also allow greater access to: 
• Public spaces and parklands along the Chattahoochee River, 
• Access to the Wester Gwinnett Bikeway, 
• As well as provide multi‐jurisdictional bicycle and pedestrian connectivity to Fulton and Gwinnett Counties and surrounding areas.

The estimated cost of the project could be around $6 million depending on the ultimate design. Currently the City of Duluth is leading a joint effort between Duluth, Johns Creek, Gwinnett County, and Fulton County in the design of the replacement of the bridge. 

The project is principally funded at 80% by a Transportation Alternatives Program grant being administered by the Georgia Department of Transportation. The four local governments have agreed to share the cost of the 20% match required by the grant. The initial local match for Fulton County was estimated to be $25,000. However, the actual design cost increased to $35,000 due to the need to design a new crossing as compared to the initial plans to rehab the existing structure.

The design phase of the project began in March 2019, which may include the review of three possible options. The design will also include an upgrade from the Fulton County Department of Public Works. The existing bridge has been closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic for more than 30 years. Duluth City Engineer Marjorie Pozin says plans to replace the bridge will change that.

“Reestablishing the connection allows communities on both sides of the River to access parkland on each side as well as the existing boat launch on the Duluth side and the Western Gwinnett Bikeway along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard,” said Pozin. 

Once a design has been selected, the new crossing will include a 30 inch water interconnection built by the Fulton County Department of Public Works.   

“There will be a 30 inch water interconnection between the Fulton County and Gwinnett County water systems, which will provide for emergency water supply for each county as needed” said Clark. 

The Rogers Bridge Project is being called neighborhood friendly by officials on both sides of the Chattahoochee. The Intergovernmental Agreement to restore or rebuild Rogers Bridge was made and entered into by the cities of Duluth and Johns Creek on May 9, 2016. 

The construction of the new Rogers Bridge is expected to begin by the end of 2020. The project is expected to be complete by 2024.