Inmate Visitation


inmate visitation

Inmate Visitation

Learn about the COVID-19 Jail Visitation Update 

The Fulton County Jail utilizes a visitor video conferencing system that will provide a central area where visitors can see inmates on a video screen. Video telephones will be used as part of this service. The inmate housing areas will have similar units allowing them to interface with visitors. Visitation information will not be provided over the telephone or by email.

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office would like to share a courtesy reminder that effective May 15, 2024, our office will shift our detainee telephone and video visitation services provider from Securus Technologies to the IC Solutions Advanced Technology platform. Leading up to this transition, we urge you to register on our new platform to maintain seamless and uninterrupted video and phone communications. Understanding the significance of a smooth registration process, we are committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to friends and family. 

Log on to and create a new user account. 

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