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Water Service Line Inventory Project

Over the years, various materials have been used in water service lines, which transport water from the utility’s water mains into customers’ homes. Fulton County Public Works (FCPW) is working to create a comprehensive inventory of water service line materials within our water service area, as required by the U.S. EPA. The initial inventory will be published in October 2024 and will be available on this page. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about this project. If you have any additional question, please contact Anna Skipper at 404.612.5772 or anna.skipper@fultoncountyga.gov.

Field Investigation Pilot

Some North Fulton residents have been asked to participate in a pilot project to determine water service line material. Pilot participants are contacted by Public Works staff prior to testing and will receive a door hanger letting them know when testers have been on the property and the identified material of their service line. Testers will not need to enter the home.


*As a precautionary measure, if the material type of your pipes is classified as “Unknown”, consider taking these steps to minimize potential exposure.

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Frequently asked questions

Where does Fulton County Public Works provide water?

The North Fulton Water Distribution System encompasses most of Fulton County north of the Chattahoochee River, including all of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Milton, as well as a majority of Roswell. The City of Roswell serves a portion of the southwest portion of the city and is responsible for the inventory there. Information about their program can be found here.

How do I know which water service area I’m in?

If you are unsure who your water provider is, you can use our Water Service Lookup tool to find out if you are in our service area. You can also check your water bill to find out who your provider is.

What is a water service line?

The water service line is the pipe that brings water from the water main into your home.

Who owns the water service line?

The section of the service line that runs from the water main to your water meter, the public service line, is owned by your water provider along with the water meter.  The section of the service line that runs from the meter into your home, the private service line, is owned by the property owner. Please view our Service Lateral Responsibility flyer for more information.

What materials are service lines made from?

Over the years, various materials have been used to manufacture water service lines, including galvanized steel, copper, and plastic. Prior to 1990, some service lines in Georgia may have contained lead, which can have negative health impacts if it enters the water through corrosion of plumbing materials. FCPW current standard is to install Type K 1” copper for all public service lines, but we do not provide any specifications for private service lines.

Why are you testing water service line materials?

In order to protect public health and continue providing high quality drinking water, FCPW is inventorying service line materials to identify any public or private service lines that may need to be replaced.

Fulton County water customers will be randomly selected for County personnel to do a field investigation to assess their water service line and determine its material. These customers will receive a Temporary Right of Entry authorization form by mail. If the customer agrees to the have their service line tested, this form will need to be returned to Fulton County to arrange a date for testing.

What is Fulton County Water doing to protect customers from lead in water

The Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant uses corrosion control treatment techniques to prevent the leaching of lead into the water from any plumbing components that may contain lead. In addition, Fulton County Public Works tests samples of water from points throughout our distribution system for a variety of water quality parameters, including lead.

Can I get my water tested?

If your home was built between 1983-1987, you may be eligible to join Fulton County’s Copper-Lead Sampling program. If your home falls in that range, please fill out the interest form at https://forms.office.com/g/N8fEuxEPkQ.

There are two certified labs in the metro area that can test your water for lead. Please contact them for information, pricing, and sample collection instructions:

Eurofins Atlanta

Pace Analytical

Where can I learn more about the health effects of lead in water?

To learn more about the possible health effects of lead in water, or to learn more about the results of our water testing, please review our annual Drinking Water Quality Report. Fulton County’s water meets or exceeds all relevant requirements for drinking water quality.

How can I minimize lead exposure?

If lead is present in your drinking water, or if you have pipes or plumbing fixtures that contain lead, you can minimize your exposure by taking the following steps:

a. Flush the cold water tap until the water becomes as cold as it will get before using it for drinking or cooking.
b. Use only cold water for drinking, cooking, and making baby formula, avoiding water from the hot water tap for these purposes.
c. Ensure that only 'lead-free' solder, fluxes, and materials are used in new household plumbing and repairs.