Marshal Service Costs

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Marshal Services Costs

Marshal Service Costs

Fees for service of documents by the Marshal's Department that originate from the State and Magistrate Courts of Fulton County are as follows:

Document Type Cost
Lawsuit (per defendant)  $50 
Garnishment (Garnishee 1st Service)  $13
Garnishment (Garnishee, after 2 attempts)     $25
Garnishment (Service on Defendant)  $6 
Proceeding Against Tenant Holding Over  $35 
Distress Warrants (per defendant)  $25 
Foreclosures Summons (per defendant)  $25 
Mechanic's Liens (per defendant)  $25 
Subpoenas  $10 
Orders  $10 
Interrogatories  $10 
Civil Arrest Orders  $5 
Backing Fee  $5 
Levy Fee  $15 
Nulla Bona  $10 
Recording Fee $25 
Settling Fee  $10 
Bill of Sale  $10
Deeds  $10
Writ of Possession and Turnover Order (Personal Property) $25 


Service Address

Make sure the service address in Fulton County. The responsibility of confirming the address for service is in Fulton County falls upon the plaintiff. The Marshal's Department will not issue a refund of a service fee if the Marshal's Department determines the address for service is in fact not in Fulton County. Below is a website that may be used to confirm an address is in Fulton County. The Marshal's Department assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by these websites.


Fulton County Tax Assessor

Second Originals

The Marshal's Department also serves documents with a Fulton County service address that originate from courts outside of Fulton County. These documents are referred to as Second Originals.  The service fee for a Second Original is the same fee as the service fee for a document filed in Fulton County.

The Marshal's Department does not serve cases related to family matters or Superior Court documents from the following counties (these are served by the Fulton County Sheriff's Office): Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee, Clayton, Coweta, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Gwinnett

You may mail your Second Original documents, along with payment to:
Fulton County Marshal's Department
Attn:  Civil Process
160 Pryor St SW, Suite J-102
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

The Marshal's Department does not accept personal checks. Money orders, cashiers checks, certified checks, cash and business checks from a law firm are accepted. Do not mail cash.

The Marshal's Department does not process criminal FiFa's. Contact the State Court Criminal Records Division at 404-613-5085.

For a list of filing fees for State and Magistrate Courts of Fulton County, please refer to their respective websites.

State Court of Fulton County

Magistrate Court of Fulton County