Book Club

Book Club

You’re invited to join the Open Book Society, Fulton County Government’s first employee book club.

The Department of Diversity and Civil Rights Compliance, in collaboration with the Fulton County Library System is kicking off a new program called Open Book Society and you’re invited to become a member.

The Open Book Society is a virtual, safe space for Fulton County Employees to get together monthly (or quarterly) with employees from all areas of the County to read good books, support each other and learn new skills. Open Book Society members will give eager readers an opportunity to be unapologetically ambitious, expand professional networks, and reach personal development goals.

At each meeting, we’ll dive into a thought-provoking discussion about books written by industry leaders specializing in topics ranging from identifying your strengths, combating bias in the workplace and leading during a time of extraordinary change.

Learn more about how you can play a part in recommending books for our inaugural Open Book Society session. The theme of our first book will delve into critical conversations about the role that race and ethnicity play in the American experience. Please help us to gauge your interest by taking this quick survey. Once we have collected all our survey responses, we’ll follow up with more details about our first Open Book Society meeting.

We know you will be a wonderful addition to the group and hope you’ll consider joining us.

Warm wishes,

The Open Book Society Team