Summer Youth Job Training Program


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Description of ARPA Summer Youth Job Training activities

State the amount of ARPA funding that your agency is requesting to support the summer youth job training program (May 1, 2022- August 31, 2022).:

Administrative (5% Admin max of funds awarded.) Funds that are spent on Executive/Management Staff and Administrative Support Staff salaries, salary fringe and benefits ONLY. (Note: Not more than 5% of grant award can be used for administrative costs. Includes direct and indirect charges for administration of the grant)

Direct Services Funds utilized to provide services directly to agency/program participants such as payments made on behalf of participants for Job Training, Stipends, transportation (gas, parking, participant’s public transportation costs, etc.) scholarships and day care vouchers, salaries and fringe benefits for direct service personnel (Case Managers, Educators, Subcontractors, etc.), program supplies (educational/instructional materials, paper, pencils, markers, etc.) directly consumed by participants.