Fulton County Incident Response Update For March 15 2024

Fulton County Incident Response Update For March 15, 2024

March 15, 2024
Earlier this year, Fulton County experienced a cybersecurity incident that resulted in widespread outages across the organization. Work has been continuous to restore systems and significant progress has been made.

Telephone has been restored across the organization.

Property Tax System
Public Access to the Fulton County Property Tax System has been restored.

Property tax payments may now be completed online through the Fulton County Tax Commissioner’s website at www.fultoncountytaxes.org or by phone at 404-612-6000.

Property record access is also now available through the Fulton County Tax Assessors website at www.fultonassessor.org, along with other functionality of the Tax Assessors’ office.

Court System Access
Public access is now available to Fulton County court filings through Research Georgia. This site includes publicly available filings for Superior, State, Magistrate and Probate Court. If users do not have a re:SearchGA account they will need to create one.

E-filing is also available for most Courts at this time, with the exception of File and Serve Express through State Court. The Juvenile Court’s JCATs system has also been restored.

Some filings that were made since the incident in late January may not appear at this time while restoration is continuing.

For more information, the public should contact the respective Court with which they are interreacting:

Fulton County State Court https://fultonstate.org/
Fulton County Superior Court https://www.fultoncourt.org/
Fulton County Magistrate Court https://www.magistratefulton.org/
Fulton County Probate Court www.FultonProbateGa.org
Fulton County Juvenile Court https://fultonjuvenilecourt.org/
Fulton County Clerk of Superior & Magistrate Clerks - https://www.fultonclerk.org/

Third-Party Background Checks
Background checks conducted by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Fulton County Police Department were not affected by the recent cybersecurity incident.

Third-party background checks completed by accessing court records were affected by the outage. Those checks can now be completed following the transition to a new record search site. Companies conducting third party searches should now access records through re:SearchGA at https://researchga.tylerhost.net/

For additional information, or to connect with other Fulton County services, please email customerservice@fultoncountyga.gov or call 404-612-4000.