Aakeem Woodard

Aakeem Woodard

Director of Juvenile Youth Services

Meet Aakeem Woodard, a seasoned professional with a passion for transforming the juvenile justice system and empowering youth. With extensive experience as a consultant for the Barton Juvenile Justice Law Clinic at Emory University and as a Sentencing Consultant for the Georgia Public Defenders Office, Aakeem has been instrumental in ensuring fair representation for clients.

From 2017 to 2020, Aakeem served as the Youth Transitional Liaison at the Department of Juvenile Justice, where he pioneered innovative steps to establish the only SB44 Transitional Program in the nation. As a John Maxwell Speaker Coach and Trainer, and a Behavior Consultant proficient in DISC Personality Assessments, Aakeem's expertise spans various domains.

He is also an accomplished author, with his book "Trapped Inside Myself" earning recognition as one of Amazon's bestsellers. Currently serving as the Director of Juvenile Services at the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, Aakeem is dedicated to creating comprehensive services that cater to the whole person while bridging gaps within families. He co-created the groundbreaking REACH transformational mentor program, uniquely addressing our youth during school hours.

Aakeem's educational journey includes studies at the Georgia School of Ministry and Georgia Military College, further enhancing his skills and knowledge. With a relentless drive to uplift and support young individuals in the justice system, Aakeem Woodard continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of many.