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Find my polling site

Find My Polling Site

On Election Day Fulton County residents have to vote at their assigned polling location. The next election will be on September 29, for a Special Election to for the Georgia Congressional Fifth District. 

Use the resources below to access the Georgia My Voter Page, to find Early Voting Locations, Voting Districts, and Voting Precincts.

Use My Voter Page to find more information about your Polling Location, Voter information, and Absentee Ballot information.


Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections has announced changes to several Polling Places that will be in effect for the September 29 Election and the General Election on November 3, 2020.  The Polling Place locations that are being changed can be viewed here. The Fulton County Registrations and Elections Department will notify impacted voters by mail to inform them of the change in their polling site. The Fulton County will place signs at the entrances of the original Polling Places directing voters to the new locations. 

Voting FAQs

Polling Locations

Where is my polling place?

To find your polling place, please visit:

Do I have to vote at my assigned precinct?

Yes. On Election Day, you are required to vote at your assigned precinct. However, during early voting, you may vote at any early voting location within the County. Code Sections 21-2-226(b) & 21-2-401(a)

Why did you move my polling location?

Polling locations are changed for various reasons: precincts no longer willing to host polling operations, polling place undergoing renovations, voter complaints due to parking and other issues, boundary line changes, etc. Registered voters will be notified by precinct card of all polling place changes prior to the an election.

Is Voting Precincts and polling places map available?

Yes, maps are available - GIS

Are voting precincts and polling places layers available to download?

Yes, click - Open Data

where can I find out which district i live in (us congressional districts, GA House district, Ga Senate district & fulton county commission district)? 

Click on one of the following links to find your district:

Open Data site
Property Map Viewer (by address)