Cyber Summit Agenda

Cyber security Summit Agenda

Regional Cyber Security Trends: A look at the latest cyber threat landscape and government strategies  Todd Renner (FBI) and Joye Purser (CISA)
Strategic collaboration to mitigate cyber threats/risk to the public sector (Panel Discussion)  Matthew Puckett, David Maimon, Dr. Emily Bell
Industry innovators and delegates will collaborate on the latest techniques, technologies, and strategies being deployed to help protect the public sector. Performance Management “Measuring the value of Cyber Security Program Investments”  Keyaan Williams
Resources that Govt. Agencies (FBI & CISA) can proactively provide at no cost for preparedness & resiliency  Stan Gatewood (CISA), Todd Renner (FBI)
Cyber Insurance (What are you getting?)  Roy Hadley
Securing a remote workforce   Allen Sautter
Lessons Learned: The new era of Cyber Security Breaches  Graeme Payne
Working collaboratively across municipalities to Build Cyber Resilience (Panel Discussion)  Jason Sankey, Ria Aiken, Kimberly Lemley
Crisis Simulation: Managing an effective cyber security crisis simulation (Tabletop exercise)  Klint Walker (CISA)
CYBERSECURITY WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Buidling a pipeline (Talent Acquisition and Retention) | Diversification & Underrepresented demographic | (Panel Discussion)  Dr Raheem Beyah (GA Tech), Prof John Martin (GSU), Dr. Mattord (KSU) and Rick Hart
Cyber Breach and Privacy Legislation: What Municipalities, States and Federal Governments are doing globally  Cory Ruth (15 mins Keynote) | Panel - Renault Ross, Chad Hunt (FBI) and Stan Gatewood (CISA)
Building a security first culture (security is everyone's responsibility)  Barry Hensley (SecureWorks)